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XNSPY Phone Tracker – Your Kids Ultimate Protector

Do you feel guilty of not giving enough time to your kids—too much workload creates a tradeoff between personal and corporate life. The spillover effects are drastic for your kids. Lack of feeling that they are overseen can encourage them to do things that can damage their reputation and career. There are numerous cases everyday convicting people for their behavior on social networking websites. If your kids posts something naughty on their Facebook account, the resulting punishment would not be a mouth rinse with soap, but expulsion.

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You don’t want something like that to happen to your kid. But without monitoring their activities, you will never be able to come out of the dark. That’s why a team of ingenious people came up with the idea of smartphone monitoring. XNSPY’s phone tracker allows you to access the target device remotely from any PC or mobile phone’s internet browser.

Schools are like on witch hunt these days, they will track and spy on your kids social accounts and even a word of epithet can lead to catastrophic consequences for them.

Safety First

Help your kids by tracking their social media activities. With XNSPY, you can view all their chats on Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, iMessage and Skype. If you find something profane, an immediate action can be taken by you before someone else does.

Monitoring your kids’ calls and SMS can also ensure that they are not accustomed to the use of foul language. If they are, you can resort to some counsellor before they end up being expelled from their school or college.

XNSPY Smartphone Tracker Is Also A GPS Tracker

Parents should know what are their kids’ outdoor activities— who are their friends and what places do they visit. Tracking them is the best option. With XNSPY’s GPS tracker, you can get real-time details of your kid’s location. If you stay busy a lot, then location history can be viewed at the end of the day.

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Geo-fencing is for all those kids who hardly pay any attention to your parental authority. You can restrict their movement by setting a geographical boundary around them. But how? Using XNSPY marker, you can set authorized and unauthorized places on the map. Alert notifications will keep you updated all the time

XNSPY phone tracker can save your child much trouble.


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