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This iPhone Case can read your Blood Pressure and other vitals signs.

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Introducing the Wello Blood Pressure And Vital Sign Reading iPhone Case. This iPhone gadget can monitor your blood pressure or other vital signs on a daily basis.

Wello iPhone case has a small chip embedded on the case and two sensors on the rear, when touched for a few seconds can read a persons vital signs including blood oxygen level, blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate, respiration and temperature. Wello can even read lung functions with an included spirometer attachment.

Wello blood pressure iphone case

The case connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0. The information it reads is sent to your device and presented in a companion app meant to highlight patterns over time. It uses a proprietary port and charger which Azoi claims allowed it to make the case smaller than if it used microUSB.

Currently the Wello is only available for iOS devices but Azoi are currently developing an Android application and are in discussion with other case manufacturers to develop their product further.

Wello was available for preorder but now it is closed (https://azoi.com/). This iPhone gadget is expected to arrive in the US for around $199 after it is received FDA approval.


  1. Nice! So cool to see technology being used for health care!

  2. wow essentials for those who suffer high blood, they can observe now their health problems.

  3. this is awesome.Great for people that suffer from high blood pressure

  4. Mae Abigail Songco

    wow! now there’s something new.. this can help a lot of people who’s vital signs aren’t stable enough..

  5. Great gadget for anyone with uncontrollable blood pressure and need to constantly monitor.

  6. nice one! this is great for my dad’s phone!

  7. ahaha perfect for my parents!!! haha astig neto. o.O what an innovation! *clap clap*

  8. sherry ann gole cruz

    wow,i want this for my mother,it will be very helpful!

  9. Cool and useful case. I’m excited 🙂

  10. This is super and would make checking my vitals so much easier. I have to check them regularly with my health problems. I wonder if it would wo

  11. I wonder if it will work on infants

  12. Wow, that’s really useful. I think I need one 🙂

  13. Jennifer Hiles

    That is just amazing. I just cannot believe how technology is advancing and so quickly. This would be a great tool to have available. Might have to buy my parents these also!

  14. Gervie Marquez

    Great! This is very useful nowadays. I’m hoping to have it!

  15. Lynsay leitner

    What a wonderful way to be able to monitor your blood pressure, who doesn’t always have a phone handy!

  16. Abigail Del Rosario

    that was a good app for monitor our blood pressure.

  17. Jeani Brickner

    seems like a neat tool. i love how tech is beginning to truly take care of us.

  18. Amazing gadgets! iPhone Case that can read my Blood Pressure and other vitals signs.. It can be useful to all!. I hope to have one.

  19. Emilyn Cañares

    This is cool i love this…this will be a really helpful iphone case.

  20. Wow this is pretty cool!! I would love to have this for my husband!!

  21. Amazing! with this you can now monitor your blood pressure anytime anywhere!

  22. Ms Margaret Ann MacKenzie

    What a great idea! Good for those who have issues with high or low blood pressure.

  23. What a useful case! I’d purchase it for my parents. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Vanessa Rose Palacio

    Wow! Really? Amazing! <3

  25. This would be great if you could transmit it to your pic to upload to your doctor. There are so many now that have your records online.

  26. I think having these apps would benefit someone who is health conscious of their condition. I think this is a fabulous idea to the inventor. All would benefit from this including myself.

  27. Mary Jane Hernandez

    cool and amazing!

  28. FINALLY — a phone case that does more than just protect your phone! What a GREAT idea!

  29. What a great feature and could actually save lives.

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