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Sun Cellular now offers Sun Broadband LTE at Plan 999

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Sun Cellular has quietly launched their LTE service, the Sun Broadband LTE, this service is offered only for Sun Broadband users only, no call or text is allowed. Starting with LTE Plan 999, the service comes with either an LTE stick or LTE pocket WiFi.

Sun Cellular LTE

Sun has two plans for its LTE service the Easy LTE Plan 999 and LTE Plan 999. Both plans have 4GB of internet surfing. But the difference is the Easy LTE Plan 999 has no contract when you get an LTE Modem or LTE Pocket WiFi.

The LTE modem will cost around P4,500 while pocket WiFi will cost P3,500. LTE Plan 999 has a 12 month contract when you get the LTE modem with a cash out of P2,800 while the pocket WiFi has a 24 month contract with a cash out of P1,500.

Sun Cellular broadband LTE

There’s a SIM only Plan 999 with no cash-out and just 3 months lock-in.

All  Sun Broadband LTE plans come with a 4GB bandwidth allocation.


  1. Maria Carla Perez

    My friend purchased the Easy LTE Plan 999 with pocket wifi and she said that its fast than any other wifi service provider in the Philippines, so im planning to get one!

  2. Sheryl An Mungcal

    hoping that its really fast,.

  3. Jermaine M. Lingon

    geez, quite affordable, just hoping its fast enough to that LTE will be “LTE”

  4. LTE is really fast, my major drawback is they have 4GB cap for internet browsing. I usually download 15 or more HD movies per month so I don’t know if having this plan will benefit me

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