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Sony Smartwatch 3 announced

Sony SmartWatch 3 was recently announced at IFA 2014, running Google’s new platform specifically for wearables. The third member of the family comes with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1.6-inch screen and Sony’s now trademark IP68 waterproofing. Other key features include 4GB of storage, 512MB of memory, NFC support, GPS and a 420mAh battery.

Sony SmartWatch 3

Just the other smar twatch from Asus and Samsung, the Sony Smartwatch 3 essentially acts as a middleman between your hand and your pocket using Bluetooth, and if you want to respond to a message without voice commands you’ll have to get out your phone anyway.

However, Sony has been keen to mention that the Sony Smartwatch 3 doesn’t rely on an internet connection in order to function and claims it is “an accessory with impressive standalone functionality” due to its built-in microphone, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and GPS sensor technologies, which make for more accurate and powerful “lifelogging.” This refers to Sony’s Lifelog health tracking application, which Android users can get at the Google Play store.

Sony SmartWatch 3

Its 420mAh lithium-polymer battery charges in less than an hour and can last up to four days on standby, according to Sony.


  1. Maria Carla Perez

    Uh-oh! another smartwatch review! with the 4gb storage and 512mbmemory gmmm interesting…

  2. amaziiiinng! I want one! <3

  3. I’m still a little lost … What exactly does it DO? And WHY do I need it??

  4. interesting might be more something for teens!!!

  5. Joselma Gumapac

    I like that yellow green color, cute..

  6. Would love to have one! Looks awesome!

  7. This is so great everyone would love to have one 🙂

  8. Love the look of this and really appreciate that it does not rely on Internet connection in order to function!

  9. andrew llewellyn

    this looks cool. I prefer sony phones to apple (the waterproofing is a big plus for me). may have to take a look at one once I’ve got my z3 compact. cheers

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