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Snugg iPad mini 360 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

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Snugg iPad mini 360 Degree Bluetooth Keyboard Case

High Quality Cover with Ultra Slim Swivel Bluetooth Keyboard – Apple iPad 360 Degree Rotating Keyboard Compatible with iPad Mini & iPad Mini 2 – Lightweight, Quality and Easy to Set up!

The new Snugg iPad mini 360 Degree Bluetooth Keyboard Case has been created for anyone who wants an easy way to get work done on a tablet. Using the touch screen of your iPad mini is perfect for browsing or using apps but if you need to type some documents up, a keyboard is more suitable.

Simply clip your iPad mini into the ultra-thin PC case and connect your tablet to the keyboard using Bluetooth. Once your iPad mini and keyboard are synced, you don’t even need to keep your tablet in the case to use it with the keyboard! As long as you’re within the 10 meters operating range of your iPad mini, you can type on the keyboard and your tablet will register it.

The innovative 360 degree rotating iPad mini stand is the most impressive feature of this case, as it means that you can use the keyboard from practically any angle. It’s perfect for meeting situations where everyone needs to be able to see the screen.

Snugg iPad mini 360 Degree Bluetooth Keyboard

Designed to specifically fit the iPad mini, the Bluetooth keyboard doubles up as a protective case for your tablet. It covers the sides and corners to prevent any scuffs and keeps your iPad looking as good as new. Our designers have included cut-outs for all ports, speakers, and cameras so you’ll still be able to charge your iPad mini while it’s cased.

The Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad mini has a smooth matte finish, designed to minimize marks or annoying fingerprints. Your keyboard has a battery life of up to 40 hours, and when it runs down, simply charge it up with the USB cable.

Snugg iPad mini 360 Degree Bluetooth Keyboard Case is available via Amazon.com

Snugg iPad mini 360 Degree Bluetooth Keyboard Case



  1. vickie couturier

    love the roatating stand,,wow,that is really nice

  2. Wow, that would be great to have and the price is very affordable.

  3. It’s easy to carry to thw work,

  4. great looking keyboard; easy to use with your ipad and makes being mobile easy 🙂

  5. Very nice to use .It is great to use together.

  6. this an easy way to transport my ipad.

  7. Sweet, this would be awesome for my iPad.

  8. justin castillo

    Cool. wish my tablet had at least a rotating lens.

  9. Jennifer Heintz

    I really like the fact that you can move the move the keyboard up to ten feet away. Another great feature is that you can chargge while in the case. And you gotta love Amazons price! Thanks.

  10. I’d love to have a keyboard for my iPad mini.

  11. I love how tis rotates and has a keyboard it looks very useful.

  12. Nice gadget 360 Rotating stand thanks for sharing

  13. I like the flexibility and the modern design!

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