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Samsung mocks Apple with “Wall Hugger” ads on airport power outlets

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Last July, Korean company Samsung launched a TV ad blitz mocking iPhone users as “wall huggers” because they are  in constant need of power outlets because their batteries keep dying.

According to CNET, Samsung is expanding their mockery to iPhone users beyond the small screen to actual power outlets in airports, where many portable device users juice up before hopping on their flight.  The ad boasts of the Galaxy S5′s “Ultra Power Saving Mode,” which adjusts screen brightness, turns off Bluetooth, cellular data and Wi-Fi and restricts the number of in-use apps.

wall hugger

As seen above, the placard completely envelops the outlet and starts out by touting the Galaxy S5’s “Ultra Power Saving Mode”.

Apple’s iPhone doesn’t exactly have the battery life to be proud of compared with rivals smartphones by Samsung and HTC. One of the key reasons being the iPhone’s rather compact size, which leaves little space for accommodating huge batteries. However, mud-slinging between the two smartphone giants dates back to 2011 when Apple accused Samsung of stealing its patent design.

Samsung is planning to widen its campaign to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports and potentially others.


  1. Ha! That’s clever. Really makes its point, which is more than you can say for most ads!

  2. I agree with the commercial. Iphones (other devices) weakness is the battery life

  3. I love this commercial as people really have to plug their phone in.

  4. I dont think this should be an issue. because lets face it, ios runs way diff than android, the good thing though is that having these two gives consumer a choice that fits either their personalities, priorities and lifestyles.


  5. that’s funny

  6. Hahaha!! Now we know iphone sucks, what’s good with them is the OS but really nothing much than samsung and other android device. 🙂

  7. That is what gets people to notice what you want them to know, its the same thing that politicians and rag magazines do to get your attention. So I assume Apple will sling back with something bad about Samsung and it will keep going back and forth until people get sick of it and stop paying attention. I have already lost interest in slinging mud campaigns way before Samsung and Apple started doing theirs.

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