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Pentax K-S2 DSLR Camera Announced

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Ricoh has revealed the Pentax K-S2, a small weather-resistant DSLR which features a number of firsts for the K-series. Pentax K-S2 DLSR Camera is the world’s smallest dustproof and weather-resistant camera that measures 4.8 x 3.6 x 2.6 inches and weights 21.8 oz with 3.0″ vari-angle LCD monitor, pentaprism viewfinder, built-in P-TTL flash, and in-built WiFi connectivity with NFC lets you easily share photos and videos via your smartphone or remotely control the DSLR camera using your handset.

Pentax K-S2 DSLR Camera

This camera features a 20.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and PRIME M II Image Processing Engine in order to deliver you high quality imaging, and its SAFOX X autofocus system with 11 phase detection points and sensor-shift image stabilization ensure you can accurately and quickly capture those amazing moments.

Pentax K-S2 DSLR camera is priced at $696.95 USD, and a bundle with 18-50mm & 50-200mm lenses will set you back $896.95 USD. If you’re interested, head over to Amazon.com for detailed description.


  1. This camera is awesome!

  2. I could use a new camera!

  3. Cool camera, I really need a need one.

  4. Pentax is my preferred brand comes from DSLR because of its unique design, resolutions and perfect for the beginners 😉 super love it.. someday i will take this 😉

  5. Our son’s wedding is in 3 months and we need a good camera. Hubby is the one that takes the best photos and he likes the features on this Pentax camera.

  6. Jodi Hoppe Wresh

    I dedfinitely would love something like this since my camcorder lens got busted. right now it is not in my price range but absolutely love it

  7. I Love this Camera,i always wanted to have it…:)

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