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Pebble Limited Edition Smartwatch

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Pebble recently unveiled their 3 new limited edition smart watches. These Pebble Limited Edition Smartwatch look like the original Pebble with exception to their neon colors, and with the same internal configuration.

pebble smartwatch

These new colors came from a spinoff of the original ColorMyPebble campaign they ran a few years ago to decide on new colors for the smartwatch.

This time, though, Pebble decided to create three new flavors instead of just one, which is great news if you were looking for a smartwatch that really stands out. Plus, just like the rest of the Pebble watches, the wristbands are interchangeable, so you can create some pretty vivid color combinations with these new options. The colors are in Fly Blue, Fresh Green, and Hot Pink, these watches seem fit for a young summer crowd.

pebble smartwatch

You can buy Pebble Limited Edition Smartwatch from Pebble for $150 (https://getpebble.com/freshhotfly ) or from Lazada Philippines.


  1. Sheryl An Mungcal

    so cute,.

  2. Lovely Joy Merced

    wow, so cool! i love the color pink, so kawaii!

  3. at a far these watch looks like your ordinary watches, until I read that these really are smart watches! Cool colors too!

  4. i like the pink one. so cute

  5. Aida Villanueva

    I love the pink one!

  6. Sheryl An Mungcal

    i love the BLUE,.

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