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iPhone Lens Dial clip-on Case

iPhone Lens Dial clip-on Case

A new lens dial, described by its makers as ‘spectacles for your iPhone‘, adds three rotating lenses to the phone’s camera.

The iPhone Lens Dial boasts optical-quality coated glass lenses: Wide Angle, Fisheye, and Telephoto (plus, a bonus Macro lens on the iPhone 5/5s version). All wrapped up in a slim aircraft-grade aluminum jacket equipped with two tripod mounts (for portrait or landscape shots).iphone lens dialIt is a slim 10oz clip-on case made of aircraft-grade aluminum that comes equipped with two tripod mounts for portrait or landscape shots.

The difference between the Lens Dial and other camera apps like the Hipstamatic is that the difference in images comes from a physical lens, rather than post-processing in software, which gives the users a variety of effects to choose from.

This device alters the photos before they hit the iPhone’s processor – radically altering the shots the smartphone is capable of.

iphone lens dial

The iPhone Lens Dial only works with the two latest models of iPhone the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

At a price of $179, it is expensive then the iPhone itself, but it has the capability to compete with many dedicated cameras. You can purchase the device online from Photojojo.com without paying any shipping charges. It is available in a matte black body.

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iphone lens dial


iphone lens dial


iphone lens dial


  1. lovely joy merced

    Wow this is great! I love taking pictures and this is perfect for me!

  2. Roland Savellano


  3. I think this is one of the coolest inventions!

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