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iPhone 6 now available at Lazada Philippines

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iPhone 6 is now available at Lazada Philippines, ahead from Smart and Globe Telecom.  Apple has not officially announced when the iPhone 6 will become available in the Philippine market. Below are the screenshots of the Apple 6 prizes at Lazada.

lazada iphone 6


lazada iphone 6 prices

Visit Lazada website now to buy the iPhone 6.


  1. So expensiiiivee!!! Oh, my goodness. I salute Lazada for selling them ahead of Globe and Smart ha 😀

  2. Oh my!So this is it,.iPhone 6 ..I rememberd the vid I watched from 9gag,,The boy who 1st owned an iPhone and then he accidentally dropped it..Ouch!

  3. Maria Carla Perez

    haha! Lazada always amaze me!! but gosh so expensive for a 16GB, eve if i have money i wont buy it, better to wait for another year, for sure it will become cheaper

  4. Sheryl An Mungcal

    kaloka ang prize,.

  5. too expensive for me I will stick with my android smartphone

  6. Lazada sells iphone a bit cheaper but it’s still pricey. I’ll just use my money on renovating my room.

  7. Harganya mantab.

  8. Sheryl An Mungcal

    very expensive,.

  9. Roland Savellano

    Overpricing… 🙁


  11. I still have the iPhone 4 and it works fine. This new iPhone 6 is too expensive and I’m already hearing some complaints.

  12. Bernard Balicao

    Very pricey!

  13. Love Apple Like Iphone 6 Thanks for Sharing

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