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iPad Mini 4 specs rumors, release date, price and features

iPad Mini 4 specs rumors, release date, price and features

The new iPad Mini 4 release date has been reportedly set in October this year, speculation is running high surrounding the specifications and features of the tablet. Apple’s forthcoming slate will be powered by an advanced processor unit manufactured by their number one competitor, Samsung.

For now, it will reportedly be thinner which should be a good thing for folks who want a more easy-to-carry device which brings into mind similar tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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How about the pricing standpoint? Will it be affordable or at least reasonable?

PC Advisor says the iPad Mini 4 could be priced around $470 for the base version. As the release date nears, the iPad Mini 3 will likely get a price cut.

Specifications And Features

The iPad Mini 4 will reportedly bank on a 64-bit A8X processor which apparently accounts for the upgrade angle mentioned over the iPad Mini 3. Bloomberg, citing an anonymous insider, reported: “Samsung will start making Apple A9 processor chips at its Giheung plant in South Korea. Additional orders will go to Samsung’s partner Globalfoundries Inc.”

Further rumors suggest that the tablet will also come with a microphone which will replace the previous mute/lock key that should open a whole lot of uses for the tablet in terms of communication abilities (think video calls or teleconferencing).

More rumored specs of the iPad Mini 4 suggest that it would be featuring 2GB of RAM, sport a 7.9-inch display, and hold up to 128GB of storage. And of course, it will come with the usual WiFi support for the needed Internet connectivity.

If these rumored specs hold true, it makes you wonder how the iPad Mini 4 could be priced at a fair price considering the cost in making one seems a bit pricey.

Apple has gained a lot of hefty competition from its rivals in the tablet market segment and surely pricing will be a tipping point. But one thing is for sure, it won’t be priced lower than the iPad 3 Mini. If the price is higher, hopefully it would be reasonable and valid but all depends on the official specs it comes with – something that has yet to be revealed.


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