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iOgrapher iPhone 5s Case turns your iPhone into a Filmmaking device

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Do you love to do videos with your iPhone? You can turn your iPhone 5/5s into a filmmaking powerhouse for awesome cinematic videos with iOgrapher iPhone 5s case. This is a pretty cool and unique protective case designed to help you capture steady and high quality videos with your iPhone 5/5s.

iOgrapher iPhone 5s Case

The iOgrapher for iPhone 5 and 5S provides iPhone users a platform to turn the device into a filmmaking powerhouse. Made in the USA from Polycarbinate/ABS plastic, the iOgrapher allows the user to:
  • 1. Use 37mm lenses attaching them to the brass ring area of the case.
  • 2. Mount the iPhone to any standard camera tripod.
  • 3. Place lighting or microphones on either of the cases 2 cold shoe mounts on top.
  • 4. Use the Patent Pending handles on each side for a steady filming experience.
  • 5. Mount a GoPro on top and use the iPhone as a monitor

iOgrapher iPhone 5s Case iOgrapher iPhone 5s Case

The iOgrapher iPhone 5s case is priced at $49.95 USD, you can buy it at the iOgrapher official site (http://www.iographer.com/products/mobile-media-case-for-the-iphone-5-5s).


  1. This looks convenience for film making lovers but I don’t think iPhone camera specs are good enough for a proper film.

  2. wow! is this applicable to iphone 5c?

  3. this is good news for iphone lovers since iphone as we know it only has a conventional camera.

  4. I can’t wait to upgrade to Iphone 5, I’m stuck with my Iphone4S for another year 🙁

  5. Kimberly Williams

    This sounds like an interesting product.

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