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iLoud studio quality portable Bluetooth speaker

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IK Multimedia makes a number of cool iPhone and iPad accessories, like the iRing and this time we will feature the iLoud, a portable Bluetooth speaker with studio quality sound. For the first time ever there’s now a portable Bluetooth speaker that offers you the full power, clear sound, deep bass and stereo image of your studio monitors. No matter whether you’re mixing your next masterpiece, practicing on the go or just listening at home, iLoud provides an unparalleled high-quality music experience.

iloud portable speaker

iLoud might offer the big sound and fidelity of a high-end system but its small enclosure ensures that it can be easily carried anywhere in a laptop bag or backpack.

iLoud portable Bluetooth speaker Specifications:

  • 40 W total musical power -twice as much as comparable size speakers
  • Superior low frequency extension and sound accuracy
  • Bluetooth and stereo analog line input
  • Battery powered with auto standby, 10 hours normal usage
  • iRig input for guitars and dynamic mics for iPhone/iPad processing

iloud portable speaker

iLoud will give you powerful studio quality sound, anywhere you go. You can buy it at Amazon at a discounted price.




  1. Jennifer Hiles

    I wish I had an i something or anything. There are so many great apps and accessories for them! This looks really cool.

  2. andrew llewellyn

    These look fantastic? wonder if they’re available in NZ.

  3. i would love to use this in the home. This would make a fun gift for my oldest son

  4. Kleah Marie Fortunado

    I would love to have this have!

  5. hubby would tole to own one

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