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Huawei is looking for the next generation of photographers! Join #HuaweiNEXTIMAGE Awards.

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Join #HuaweiNEXTIMAGE Awards.

What are you waiting for? Join #HuaweiNEXTIMAGE Awards and showcase your best work to win $20,000.

Huawei is leading the way in advancing smartphone photography by providing phone cameras that can produce images that are can arguably go toe-to-toe with dedicated cameras. The NEXT-IMAGE plan will help Huawei realize their vision of a more professional and intuitive smartphone photography.

The NEXT-IMAGE awards will hold an important role in the NEXT-IMAGE plans. Smartphone users will be provided a gallery wherein they can submit their entries. Users will be able to share their best works to the world.

HuaweiNEXTIMAGE Awards

The title “NEXT-IMAGE” holds an important message behind it. They are looking for the next generation photographers that use the next generation tools to create the next generation of visual content. Image, on the other hand, refers to the images created whether in static or dynamic forms.

There are 7 categories in the 2017 NEXT-IMAGE awards. These are:

  • @All
  • Me, Myself & I
  • Hello, Life!
  • Check-In
  • Citizen Witness
  • 3×3
  • Timeline

This competition will take a new approach in terms of judging, category design, and submission. Millions of visual creatives will vie for a spot to become one of the NEXT-IMAGE finalist. There will be a cash prize for the NEXT-IMAGE champion.

You can start submitting entries today, final deadline for all submissions: November 20, 2017, and winners will be announced on December 19. For more details, visit the official Next-Image awards website at http://gallery.consumer.huawei.com.


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