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Google Glass now available in the US Play Store for $1,500

Google Glass Explorer Edition is now available in the U.S. Google Play store, along with its accessories. It’s still the same price ($1500) but Google is still throwing in a free pair of shades or frames. If you are outside US you will not be able to access the play store link.

google glass explorer edition


For US$1,500 consumers can get the headset in a choice of five colors and Google will throw in a free frame, for fitting prescription lenses or shade for turning them into high-tech sunglasses.
google glass explorer edition

Do you plan on buying a Glass Explorer Edition?

[Via Google Play Edition]


  1. That’s actually not too bad of a price considering how high tech and awesome they are. I want a pair of Google glasses sooo badly. I would get them in blue and document my daily life.

  2. sherry ann gole cruz

    how i wish i could buy this for my son!

  3. Sheryl An Mungcal

    this is cool,.

  4. wow amazing product would love it but something I could not afford

  5. I’m still confused on what its purpose is. There’s not much description here about the item.

  6. I’d want to test this gadget to discover its mere necessity.

  7. I hope I can have one! kaso mahal eh ^_^

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