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Fling your analog Joystick for iPad

Have a Fling with your iPad

Fling is a joystick for iPad. It gives you controls you can touch for any game that has an on-screen joystick.

Fling’s patent pending design provides auto-centering and force feedback. Once you start gaming with Fling, you’ll never go back.


An analog joystick for your iPad

Miss your console? Fling gives you the feel of an analog joystick, so your iPad games feel even more immersive.

When the screen illuminates, Fling melts away and becomes invisible, so you’ll never miss any action on the screen.

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Lauded by game developers, Fling will increase your skill

iPad gaming is all about precision maneuvering, and Fling gives you this crucial advantage.

As you control a game with Fling, it pushes gently back towards the center position.

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