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Apple Watch: Release Date

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Apple store is now accepting pre-orders for delivery on April 24.  Some Apple Watch models started out with 4 to 6 week delivery estimates, including the stainless steel Apple Watches with Modern Buckle and Leather Loop bands.

Stainless steel Apple Watch models with Link Bracelets had a June delivery date at launch, while Apple Watch Edition models listed May delivery dates.

But for the moment, that’s about it. April 24th is not a true launch date. The Apple Watch won’t be available in stores in the first launch wave countries on the day Apple says the device is supposed to launch.

Another issue is the fact that, unlike other Apple products, the Apple Watch is highly customizable when it comes to size, material, and strap choices. The more choices the buyer has, the more complicated it is for a store to make sure it has enough inventory to meet demand, especially if demand is as high as Apple anticipated it to be, and especially if there are supply issues the public isn’t aware of.




  1. lovely joy merced

    i hope the price of the new apple watch is affordable 😀

  2. Lisa Coomer Queen

    Thanks for the information on the Apply watch. They look very nice!

  3. I like all apple products! trusted brand..

  4. I really would love to have one!

  5. it seems like a good concept from apple but personally i think its not worth investing in this gadget if its too pricey. others might not agree.

  6. I love Apple products and would like to own the new Apple Watch.

  7. Karen Bernarte

    I wonder if telecommunication will offer this here in Philippines, for those apple lovers hehe

  8. Aida Villanueva

    I just watched the video of this new Apple watch and its awesome. I love all the features. Want to have this.

  9. Wish i have this apple watch! 😉

  10. With this product, there will be surely a comparison between this and the I phone series. Which would be better? At the end of the day, what surely matters is if you have the capacity to buy it for practical purposes or just for the sake of bandwagon.

  11. I have it on my wish list!

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