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Apple officially announced Apple Watch

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APPLE has officially announced its smart watch, simply named the “Apple Watch”, not the rumored iWatch at an event in San Francisco last Sept. 9.

apple watch

Speaking in front of a rapturous audience, Tim Cook laid out the new device’s specifics:

A digital crown will translate movement into digital data to control the watch, allowing users to interact with the watch’s display without getting in the way of the screen.

The display is flexible and made out of sapphire, the second hardest transparent material, behind diamond.

Apple is presenting the watch as a timepiece, communications tool and a health and fitness device all in one.

The rear of the device has four lenses which detect pulse rate. The watch includes a gyroscope and accelerometer so that the watch can provide a daily picture of your level of activity and reward fitness goals.

There will be six different straps available, ranging from something glamorous to wear out to something a bit more suited for exercise.

apple watch straps

Much like the iPhone, apps are going to be a key feature of the Apple Watch. Apple showed off transport and hotel apps that allow you to check in from your wrist and a BMW app that will let you see where you parked your car and direct you back to it.

Apple Maps is on board too, giving you directions straight from your wrist. The watch will even vibrate to indicate when you need to turn left or right at a corner.

apple watch map

There was no word on expected battery life, but interestingly, the Apple Watch will use a wireless charger with magsafe tech to replenish its juice.

As expected, an iPhone 5 or later is required to use the Apple Watch, with no support for Android or other mobile phones. Prices start at $349 USD and will be on sale from early 2015.

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