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6 Cool Features Of Apple Watch

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Apple announced its much anticipated Apple Watch last Sept 9, and while it received mixed reviews, there are some notable Cool Features that we believe could make  Apple Watch a game changer in the “wearable tech” world.

apple watch features

Here are the six features that really caught our eye:

1. Apple Watch “Digital Crown”
It’s a small wheel on the side of the device, which allows the user to zoom and scroll without obstructing the small screen with their fingers. It’s also a handy way of returning to the home screen by pressing in on the crown.

apple watch digital crown

2. Apple Watch’s new heart rate monitor
The Apple Watch isn’t the first smartwatch to include a heart rate monitor and certainly won’t be the last.  Apple is doing things slightly differently, which should hopefully lead to more accurate and consistent readings. First of all, it’s using a series of photosensors along with infrared and flashing LEDs, which flash against the skin to take a reading.   The crucial component here is the inclusion of an accelerometer.

apple watch heart rate monitor

3. Apple Watch’s Fitness Tracker
When Apple’s smartwatch was first rumored, many thought that the tech giant will target fitness enthusiasts — and they are quite right. The watch packs two great apps perfect for people who love to work out. First is the Activity app, which tracks how much one exercises, and tells them whether they have hit your daily goals. Another app in the new smartwatch is the workout tracker that helps the user to track the number of calories burned during workout.

apple watch fitness tracker

4. Compatibility with Apple Pay
Apple Pay is the company’s version of an e-Wallet. The tech giant claims that the service offers more security than credit cards. This feature is also available in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. One can pay transactions by simply holding their wrist up to a scanner for a few seconds.

apple watch apple pay

5. Apple Maps
Apple Maps is on board too, giving you directions straight from your wrist. The watch will even vibrate to indicate when you need to turn left or right at a corner.

apple watch map

6. Customization Through Different Sizes, Designs and Bands
The new iPhone wasn’t the only device tinkering with different sizes as the Apple Watch will be available in various forms. Tim Cook stated that Apple Watch can be just as much fashion as it is tech and that includes six different bands but perhaps most interestingly, the watch is available in three different editions—the standard Apple Watch with two sizes, the Apple Watch Sport, and an 18 karat gold edition. The different designs and styles from Apple show it has some grasp on presenting different looking devices that people will actually like to wear.

apple watch customization

As expected, an iPhone 5 or later is required to use the Apple Watch, with no support for Android or other mobile phones.

Prices start at $349 USD and will be on sale from early 2015.


  1. This is the most futuristic out of all the tablet watches I’ve seen. I love the fitness tracker and heart rate monitor. I’m actually a little impressed so…good job, Apple!

  2. Apple Watch’s Fitness Tracker is the coolest feature I think. Now people do not need a separate tracker for exercises anymore.

  3. Cool gadget! 🙂

  4. Maria Carla Perez

    Apple watch looks incredibly amazing! I think there is a James Bond feel when you wear it lol

  5. nice watch

  6. an addition to my wish list…another awesome product of Apple…

  7. A very cool gadget.. Any giveaway with this one? hehehe.. 🙂

  8. This definitely looks like something my husband would like.

  9. I like the customization aspect.

  10. whats not to like about the apple watch. Soon it will be goodbye phone and hello aple iwrist phone

  11. Sheryl An Mungcal

    this is cool,.

  12. this is a cool feature of apple watch. I would love to have one of this.

  13. this is amazing and cool.

  14. Cathlyn Joy Roman

    i love this cool watch,.

  15. Very cool watch.

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